Granite Aviation

Granite Aviation is Sandpoint Airport's Fixed Base Operator.

Sandpoint Airport's full service aviation hub. We provide the following services:

Full Service Jet A

Avgas Full Service & Self Service

Aircraft Deicing

Rental Cars - Hertz

Courtesy Car & Bikes

Pilot Lounge

Precision Flight Simulator

Sandpoint Idaho Fly and Bike

Sandpoint Bike Path.jpg

The Sandpoint Airport is perfectly located close to Lake Pend Oreille and downtown Sandpoint to enjoy by bike.  Granite Aviation has multiple bikes available for free use to pilots flying into Sandpoint.  There is a beautiful paved bike trail that leaves the airport and follows Sand Creek all the way into downtown.

Visit Sandpoint Online for up-to-date information on the Sandpoint Area!

Below is the bicycle and trail map out of the Sandpoint Airport.  It is approximately 1.5 miles from Granite Aviation to downtown Sandpoint.  Following the red line on the map below makes a nice loop and is approximately 4.3 miles in length.

Sandpoint Bicylcle Map.jpg